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Agricultural environments, often characterized by uneven terrain and adverse weather conditions can make mobility around a farm extremely difficult. Check out the technology below that can allow you to access all parts of your farm and equipment.


All-Terrain Wheelchair

Farms can be difficult to traverse in a regular wheelchair due to uneven terrain and often muddy environments. An all-terrain wheelchair will take you anywhere around the farm you might need to go. There are models that will also stand you up from a seated position. 


Off-Road Scooter

Standard Mobility Scooters get stuck very often when you take them off hard-packed surfaces. These off-road scooters can handle many different terrains and easily fit through a standard doorway for your house or farm shop.


Equipment Mounted Lift

This lift mounts directly on to the side of a piece of equipment and will raise the person up to get into the operator station. This lift can be used with a seat attached or with a platform for standing. 

Truck mounted lift.jpg

Truck Mounted Lift

This piece of equipment will take you from the seat of the truck and put you into a tractor or other piece of equipment. It is a more cost effective approach than the equipment mounted lift if you are accessing multiple pieces of equipment.


Extended Tractor Step

Often the first step on a tractor can be high off of the ground. An extended tractor step can lessen the distance between the first step and the ground, making it easier to get on and off of the equipment.

adams-166 (1).jpg

Automatic Gate Opener

These allow you to open and close gates with a remote so you do not have to leave the seat of your equipment. An automatic lock can also be purchased to secure the gate once it is closed. These are beneficial for people with limited mobility.

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