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Growing crops is often very labor-intensive and physically demanding on the farmer. Recently there have been great advancements in tools and technologies to allow for better conditions for the farmer. Check out a few examples of tools below. 

Ergonomic tools_GA.png

Ergonomic Tools

These tools are designed with user comfort and efficiency in mind, featuring handles with ergonomic grips that minimize hand and wrist strain, and designs that encourage a more natural body posture during use.

lay down weeder.jpg

Lay-down Weeder/ Harvester

This tool takes you directly to the plants while maintaining a comfortable position. From this cart you can plant, weed, and harvest. There are many different options and manufacturers available on the market. 

Plastic mulch layer.jpg

Plastic Mulch Layer

Plastic mulch helps to control weeds while growing crops. This keeps the farmer from having to bend over to pull weeds. The plastic mulch layer creates a raised bed and then applied the plastic over the soil while driving through the field. 

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