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Farm Shop

A farm shop serves as a central hub for equipment maintenance, tool organization, and storage. Being able to access all areas of the shop and appropriate tools will keep your farm running smoothly. Check out some useful tools below.

electric grease gun.png

Electric Grease Gun

Electric grease guns are powered, eliminating the need for manual pumping. This feature is particularly helpful for farmers who may have limited strength or an arm amputation.

Need digital talking tire guage pic.jpg

Digital-Talking Tire Guage

This tool is useful to keep proper inflation in tires around the farm. The tool will read out loud the pressure in the tire which is beneficial for someone with low vision. It will also display the pressure reading on a screen with large numbers.

fuel transfer tank.png

Fuel Transfer Pump

This piece of equipment eliminates the need to pick up heavy fuel containers to refuel equipment. Simply put the nozel in the tank and dispense the fuel like you would at a fuel station. This can be very beneficial for someone with back injuries. 

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