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Physiotherapists Training

Rehabilitating Farmers & Ranchers with Disabilities for Occupational and Physical Therapists


Did you know over 30,000 agriculture family members in Georgia have some type of disability?  Occupational, and physical therapists along with other health care professionals play an important role in preparing farmers and ranchers to return to work. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate ways to better serve the agricultural population.  Learn about farm culture, daily work demands, how to communicate effectively with your patients who are farmers, specialized assistive technology solutions and much more.


On the first day of the workshop you will learn about farm culture, impact of disability, assistive technology and much more.  On the second day we will have a fun-filled day touring several different types of agricultural operations.  You will get to apply much of what you learned on the first day.  See first-hand many of the physical tasks and equipment required for a variety of agricultural jobs. 


Registration includes a workbook, supplies, a continental breakfast, and a light lunch.  Transportation is provided to the farm tour sites.

Due to the interactive nature, workshop space IS LIMITED

New dates will be added soon!

Workshop Instructors

Eugenia Herbst

Shepherd Center

Occupational Therapist

Dr. Glen Rains

UGA Extension Safety Specialist

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