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Machinery Extrication 

Farm machinery extrication workshops for first responders are of paramount importance, given the unique challenges posed by agricultural equipment accidents. Farms often feature complex machinery with intricate designs, and when accidents occur, prompt and effective response becomes critical. These workshops provide first responders with specialized training to navigate the intricacies of farm machinery extrication, enabling them to quickly and safely rescue individuals trapped in agricultural equipment mishaps. Understanding the machinery's structure, components, and potential hazards is essential for efficient extrication. These workshops not only enhance the technical skills of first responders but also familiarize them with the specific challenges posed by farm incidents, such as dealing with bulkier equipment and navigating rural terrains. By investing in farm machinery extrication workshops, communities ensure that their first responders are well-prepared to handle emergencies in agricultural settings, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and well-being of rural populations.

Due to the interactive nature, workshop space IS LIMITED

Contact us if your organization is interested in hosting a Machinery Extrication Workshop taught by our instructors. 

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Glen Rains

UGA Extension Safety Specialist

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