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Iteago Felton

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For many veterans, returning to civilian life is a stark shift from their fast-paced and service-based military life. When you combine this with the more than 4.7 million veterans who have service-based disabilities, the challenges of re-entry compound. The University of Georgia is working to assist Georgia’s veterans with this transition through its dynamic farming program, Farm Again. 

“The program does more than you expect it to because it provides more than just equipment,” said Iteago Felton, owner of 3T Farms and Farm Again participant whose military career spans 32 years of Army service. “It gives us the knowledge, a new community of farmers and veterans, and a sense of pride because you know you are of service to your community again.” Farm Again offers classes covering a wide range of topics including...

Al Anderson

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Farmers are a special breed whose passion for what they do is rooted in their love for the land. Unlike other careers, farming tends to be a life-long pursuit, but what happens when a farmer becomes ill or injured and man hours that are crucial to the operation of the farm are lost? For Georgia farmers, the answer can be found at FarmAgain. 

Farmers like Al Anderson. Assistance from FarmAgain was the difference between returinging to the fields and never farming again for the Hawkinsville farmer who grows peanuts and cotton on 600 acres. Anderson reached out to FarmAgain after a stroke left him with limited mobility on his right side. "I never thought I'd farm again...

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Ruby Davis

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Ruby's Garden, located in Arlington Georgia, brings you the freshest organically grown fruit,vegetables, chickens and eggs. Check out our her journey was impacted by FarmAgain by watching the short video. 

James Carter

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James Carter is a South Georgia farmer who produces hay on 200 acres to sell and feed to his livestock. Task around the farm became much harder after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Watch his story above.

Tim Anderson


Tim's story coming soon!

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