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Business Resources

Access to essential business resources is paramount for farmers, as these assets, ranging from land and machinery to financial capital and market knowledge, not only enhance agricultural productivity but also empower farmers to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and sustain a thriving agricultural enterprise.

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Business Plans

A well-developed business plan helps farmers outline their goals and objectives. Check out this easy-to-use tool to develop a business plan for your agricultural operation. 

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Small Farm Funding Guide

Developed by the USDA, this guide is a one-stop shop for farmers to learn about business information, funding programs, and organizations with resources that are helpful for small farmers. 

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Farm Business Workshops

Farm Credit offers Ag Aware workshops which are comprehensive business and financial literacy workshops to equip farmers with knowledge to make their operation more profitable.  

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e-Farm Management Training

Developed by Oklahoma State University, this online training is here to help farmers improve farm financial education and enhance awareness of various FSA programs on their own schedule. 

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USDA Loans

These loans are designed to support farmers and rural communities by providing financial assistance and resources. Contact your local USDA service center to see if you qualify.



Mentorships for beginning farmers provide invaluable guidance, practical knowledge, and a supportive network, empowering them to navigate the complexities of agriculture and cultivate sustainable, successful ventures.

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